Bishopshalt School conservatory

			 The Victorian wing of Bishopshalt School in Royal Lane, Hillingdon is
			 a grade III listed building In the Hillingdon Village Conservation Area.
			 It was built as a private house in 1858 by John Jackson, a partner in
			 the building firm of George Jackson & Sons based in Rathbone Place, Oxford
		 	 Street. His company specialised in plasterwork and interior decoration and
			 they are still in business today! One of the outstanding features of the
			 house was a conservatory with a cast-iron frame, and (as the photograph
			 shows) this has recently been restored.
			 Earlier houses on the site had belonged to the bishops of Worcester, who
			 were the rectors of Hillingdon. In medieval times the bishops stayed there
			 on their way to and from London. John Jackson called his new home the Rectory
			 House, but a later owner re-named it Bishopshalt.The property was purchased
			 by the Middlesex Education Committee in 1925, and alterations and additions
			 were then made. Uxbridge County School, which had earlier been based in the
			 Greenway, Uxbridge, moved to the premises in 1928. Two years later the school
			 was re-named Bishopshalt School.
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